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Ann is a sought-after speaker who fully believes in the power of story to motivate, inspire, and educate.

By combining her own personal first-hand experience, with her business, technical, health, and coaching expertise, she delivers compelling yet relatable presentations for conferences, on-line events, interviews, panels, meetings, podcasts, retreats, articles, workshops, and seminars that have been met with rave reviews and can be adapted to suit your media, venue, and audience.

The founder of Devoted Yoga, Your Desired Life Coaching, leader of HiveMind–CoachingBiz, a Mastermind Knowledge Business Broker, CIO, PMO, former nurse, and author.


Overcoming Trauma/Anxiety/Mental Health Issues

Ann overcame domestic violence and PTSD, then became a yoga therapist over a decade ago and a master certified life coach. Now she shares how people suffering can have relief from their symptoms using a variety of self-help tools and practices including breathwork, mindfulness, and yoga therapy.

She is a contributing author to "Defining Moments: Stories of Survival: Real People Solving Real Problems (The Trauma After the Trauma)," now on sale at Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Her talk helps everyone from the anxious person in a meeting to someone suffering the aftereffects of trauma with short term solutions and long-term relief practices. Her techniques do not have the person relive the trauma and work both at the conscious and subconscious levels.

Anxiety, trauma, and various mental health issues are common today and ways to relieve the symptoms are very needed in addition to medical professionals.


Testimonials from Her Clients

Ann Justi is a wonderful presenter.

- Joshua L.

Her insights have stayed with me ever since and were a catalyst for making fundamental changes in my life.

- Tom M.

Ann is a natural teacher. Whatever she learns, she makes available to others quickly and generously. She uses her own experience to develop compassionate content — which is often "outside the box."

- Patrish L.

Ann is an extraordinary coach.

- Priti S.


Living Your Desired Life

Discover how to release your fears, find your desire, and take action to have a thriving business/work and personal life. Live your true identity. Live life with desire. Create the relationships you want. Connect with your body, your partner, your purpose and/or your work.

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I believe in the power of story to motivate, inspire, and educate.

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