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Coaching and Mentoring to Live your Desired Life and True Self

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Discover how to release your fears, find your desire, and take action to have a thriving business/work and personal life. Live your true identity. Live life with desire. Create the relationships you want. Connect with your body, your partner, your purpose and/or your work.

Do you feel like there’s a desire, an issue, a side to your life that you’ve been interested in exploring?  Did you not know how to go about it?  I can help you with that.

Do you need coaching in terms of your future direction, and not simply from reading about it in a book, talking with your friends or passively watching a streaming video?  I can help you, too.

I work with individuals and coupes with creating the relationships they desire with Relationship by Design™, finding their true identity, or in desired alternative lifestyle guidance.

I help people in connecting with their desire and purpose in their business/work. I am a leader of HiveMind-CoachingBiz MasterMind, a MasterMind Knowledge Business Broker, CIO and PMO.

I am a desire coach and Master OM Life® Certified Coach in the greater New York City area.  My background includes yoga therapy, tantra, rehabilitation nursing, public health education, sex education, dance, Co-Active Coaching © and Orgasmic Meditation®.  I have also overcome physical and emotional trauma and help others do the same, allowing them to cope with mental and physical health issues and stress.

You can have private sessions  through video conferencing or phone. I’m available for speaking engagements, workshops, to lead group events and to create programs for organizations.

  • Desire Coaching: To coach you on what you most desire, want and need.  Behind every fear, dream, resentment, and reoccurring thought lies a desire, one that is not being met.  Desire Coaching helps you find the next steps forward to achieve those desires and release any fears they may have generated.

  • Life Coaching: To help you figure out the next step for what you want to do in steering your life in the direction you would like it to go.  Life Coaching is NOT psychotherapy or psychological counseling but is like having a personal trainer to bring out your own self-mastery.  My specialty is in dealing with relationships - with friends, acquaintances, lovers, spouses, co-workers, sure, but especially with yourself.

  • Co-Active Coaching ©: Coaching that focuses on the whole person, evokes transformations, and does not work off the premise that you are “broken” and need to be fixed.  It utilizes listening, introspective questions, intuition, creativity, self-management, and curiosity to draw out what was in you all along.  The goal is to achieve fulfillment and balance in your life.

  • Coaching Circles™: Typically composed of a small group of 5-6 people who meet at a regular interval to discuss a common topic, such as relationships, lifestyles, desires, etc.  Each person gets an equal portion of time to discuss the topic as it relates to their own lives.  They all are given guidance by the coach holding the circle and learn from the other members as they listen to how the others are dealing with the topic in their lives.

Free Exploratory Session for New Clients - Please Inquire for More Details.

My practice does not cover issues with anger management or minors, nor is it a substitute for psychotherapy or psychiatric/medical treatment.

Above content on Co-Active Coaching © adapted from material on the Coaches Training Institute website at, sourced April 10, 2019, all rights reserved

Coaching Circles™ is a trademark of OneTaste® Inc. and is used with permission.

Desire Based Life Coaching: About Me

David Deida

"Each moment can be a full expression of your core desire."

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